Step 1

Identify the constituent’s pain points

-               Define your constituent (Consumer? Customer? Internal Stakeholder?)

-               Who are they?

-               What are their: Responsibilities?  Accountabilities? Motivators?

-               What annoys them?

-               What delights them?

-               Where can they use some help?


Step 2

Identify necessary capabilities to solve the pain point

-               Is this something we do today?

-               Is this something we can do soon?

-               How many different tools do we have to solve the pain point?

-               How quickly can we solve the pain point?



Ensure there is proper organizational design to consistently
deliver the solution to the constituent’s pain points

-               Do we have the necessary resources to deliver the solution?

-               Do we have time?

-               Can we get the necessary capital to invest sufficiently in a profitably robust solution?

-               Do we have the right people in place with sufficient focus and skill to deliver the solution?

-               Do we have proper systems, process, and controls in place to ensure sustainable output?